To Keystage or not to Keystage

Once I knew I wanted to launch a growing box, I also knew I wanted to work with people I'd worked with before across my twenty years of corporate commercial experience.

One of these was Tanya Moore, a very talented alternative educator who is passionate about the importance of getting kids out and about and moving in improving learning outcomes - even play based learning at early ages.

We had heated debates early in our reconnection about whether or not we should be looking to overtly link the activities in our boxes to key stage learning and development outcomes. After much discussion, research and debate, we finally decided not to.

We just decided that we wanted to put together a lot of exciting activities for kids to grow and make that they could do with parents, childminders or grandparents and that were a delicious surprise when they opened the box each month.

Fro growing pansies in the depths of winter to grace a salad, to using home grown strawberries to make jam, we actively decided we wanted to delink it from the formal education system and make it simply about having fun growing and making together.

We also decided to include the mythical creature characters as a way of engaging kids with different attitudes and experiences and temperaments and will continue to evolve the way these work to grow the brand and the connection with children. Ellen Hedges our resident Kids champion is doing an amazing job of bringing them to life.

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