Permaculture Passion

It is now five years since I decided to take some time and learn a bit more about growing things before taking such a leap in a new direction.

I signed up for a permaculture course at OrganicLea in Chingford, Essex, a growing site reclaimed by a group of Permaculture enthusiasts when it was abandoned as a council growing site.

Over the course of three months I spent eight happy weekends there learning to reconnect with nature and understand how nature creates resilient and abundant ecosystems.

I learned how to build compost toilets and build houses with sticks and clay and lime render. I learned how to scrump and press apples for fresh juice. I learned how to create forest gardens and recycle all manner of seeming waste into useful and productive growing systems. I learned how to create a space which was guided by permaculture principles and zones.

And I made a lot of really good, whacky, creative alternative friends who were really connected to the power of nature and the goodness of growing.

For twenty years before this I'd been sitting behind a PC in an office and growing a few tomatoes in a growbag......but it woke something up in me.

So whilst beanstalk box isn't 'permaculture in a box' it will increasingly have a leaning towards permaculture ideals.

Check out Organic Lea and their ethos and vision here

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