My Dad

My dad was my growing inspiration.

So many of my childhood memories relate to the smells of the garden and spending time with him - growing sunflowers for the first time, avoiding getting scratched in the raspberry cage when our next door neighbour came round to pick and play and to help relieve us of the burden of the glut of raspberries that happened for a few short weeks each year; the smell of fresh tomatoes (and a long lecture on why he only grew Gardener's Delight), shaking the clayey earth off the home grown spuds and pulling them free where they had been speared by the prongs of forks.

Also, my lifelong dislike of green (runner) beans is also due to him and a slight irony in the eventual title for the box!

I confess to being more showy than my dad in my ambitions for Beanstalk Box (as to be honest with most things in life).....I favour the glamour of the purple cauliflower and the 'wow' factor it will give kids who have never seen a purple cauliflower before. I love the colour and flavour of bright nasturtia (is that the plural of nasturtium?) and other multi-coloured petals in my salads or decorating my cakes. I love the speed of new hybrids which yield growing results in short timeframes to please even the most impatient of kinder.....

Dad sadly died last year but I like to think of him chuckling that his corporate daughter is finally connecting more with this side of herself, now she has children. My sister's garden, where lots of the pictures of kids growing were taken has been entirely deturfed and devoted to growing.....Again, being more of a glamour girl, I love lying on the lawn and enjoying my rambling beds of cottage perennials - hollyhocks, foxgloves, cosmos and more.

Whilst trying to ignore the old greening paddling pool at the back of the patio which has been devoted to the frogs who moved in while we were away one weekend last year.....

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