Foraging for flowers

When I say foraging, in this instance I don't actually mean foraging in the physical sense.

More foraging in the ''research assistant'' sense. When creating 'Beanstalk Box', one of our biggest challenges was finding things to cultivate in the depths of the English winter without leaving kids frustrated that things took ages to grow, or mums frustrated that their windowsills were covered in (as yet) unproductive rows of pots of, well, nothing.....

It has always been my belief that grown ups and children alike would rather eat beautiful colourful plates of food, and so began my challenge to find the best of the hardy flowers which could survive and English winter or windowsill and still grace out plates as proof of our growing genius.

Cue the discovery of a whole host of British growers quietly growing beautiful flowers, many of which, despite my permaculture credentials I had not realised were so, like Maddocks Farm in Devon who grow and promote the use of such a bewildering array of beautiful organic flowers as well as blogging about their use in cocktails, wedding cakes and baked goods I nearly gave up creating Beanstalk Box all together and started a floral food and drink business!

Maddocks farm gave me the best advice of all about the perils of winter flower growing - ''it depends on the weather, and you can't control the weather'' - flowers are delicate petals you see (sorry) - and so we have to disclaim the likelihood of your success should you choose to grow our January recommendations outside. We have, sadly, not yet learned to control the weather.

So please grow them on a windowsill until at least may, and enjoy their scent and beauty in your home for this short period - we have great links to ceramic pots coming soon on Amazon to beautify the postal containers we send you should you wish to do so at very reasonable cost.

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