Doris, Dudley and Diana

I've always been one for alliteration, so it is no coincidence that I ended up launching something as wonderfully so as 'Beanstalk Box'.

Similarly when it came to naming the first three characters in the 'Beanstalk Bunch' (oh no, yet more alliteration) - a dragon, a baby dinosaur and a grown up dinosaur, it became obvious that they were Doris, Dudley and Diana.

Doris from a family phrase of 'come along Doris' when someone was being slow, Dudley, where my dad (who was my growing inspiration) grew up, and Diana for my friend and inspiration who ran the coworking space where Beanstalk Box was conceived.

More mythical creatures will soon be joining the throng - a Unicorn and a Mermaid will be along soon, followed by a Giant (Lyra, Lucia and Leander, since you ask - A favourite star name since I was little, The name of a fictional book about moving to Italy that my mum and I love, and the rowing club, since I was, in my youth, a (poor) rower.

I'm enjoying creating these characters at least as much as I'm enjoying creating the growing a craft projects....I'm not sure if there will end up being an alphabet of creatures or whether some letters will just be favoured - 24x3 does seem to be a rather large 'Zoo' of characters. But time will tell.....perhaps we'll get the kids to invent some new mythical creatures in time, and name them themselves...

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