Anna 28

''My kids are so excited every time the beanstalk boxes land on the doormat! It's enthused them (and me) about getting outside, and given me the confidence that I can really help them learn and grow, all while we have lots of fun together'' 
''I buy the boxes for my grandchildren for the school holidays when they come to stay - its gives us lots to do together and keeps them out of the house some of the time - they always say they can't wait to see what nan's got for us to grow!!'' 

Jane 51

''Before I discovered Beanstalk Box, I wanted my kids to have more understanding of where their food came from but I didn't have the confidence to start growing from scratch. Beanstalk Box does the thinking for me.''

Samantha 38

''We only have a sunny windowsill and small balcony in London so I wasn't;t sure if beanstalk box would work for us, but it does, brilliantly. We've bought a 1m grow frame and the boxes are so well thought out as we crop one thing we have space to plant something else''

John 33