Every box is unique to the season and to how long you've been buying our boxes for, after all if you had a January box last year it would be pretty boring to get the same one again this year!
However, what we can tell you is that each personalised box contains two growing projects, a magic bean to plant (the identity of which won't be revealed until the next box), two craft activities and a beanstalk book full of creative ideas. There's also a simple, structured creative story writing or songwriting activity to encourage your child's creativity (and maybe yours?) as well as ideas on what to cook up with the things you've grown.
Your second box will contain a year planner of what you can sow and grow when, and , and every box thereafter will contain character stickers with stories attached to encourage your kids into the adventure of growing with the 'Beanstalk bunch'.
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Home Gardening
Portrait smiling boy holding red ripe to
Apple Harvest
Kid hand and father planting young plant
Unicorn Bakery.jpg
Thank You!.png
Origami paper flowers, butterflies, clou
Balloon flower with pink and yellow ball
The child loves crafts bee. The child's
preparations for autumn craft with kids.
Childs hand, play painting with potato s
Small child holding paper butterfly in h
Seeds for planting in spring, seed packe
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